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About Us. Why our Clients love to work with us.

WebQA’s mission is to be the definitive leader in Service-Side Customer Relationship Management (SsCRM)


Founded in late 2000, WebQA identified customer service as an area of operational improvement for businesses, universities, and governments (GovQA) and subsequently started to develop technologies to automate this area – initially through piloting with large-scale organizations.

In mid 2007, WebQA launched its platform and invested substantially to ignite a world-wide campaign to become a leader in Service-side Customer Relationship Management (SsCRM).

By early 2013, WebQA had established itself as a market leader in SsCRM. Today WebQA concentrates on proactive technologies that promote self-service and automated mobile and web rule-based technologies that streamline customer service.

What We’re About

Today, WebQA’s GovQA product suite leads the country in government CRM and supporting technologies. Its business portfolio includes some of the world’s largest financial institutions, global 1000 organizations and significant companies all around the world. And, its education product suite is a leader in student servicing for universities throughout North America.

WebQA’s GoLocal Technology sets now service hundreds of cities, hundreds of thousands of businesses, and millions of people nationwide.

Now moving towards 1000 accounts, WebQA serves over 80 million people worldwide.

Delivery & Pricing

WebQA primarily provisions its platform in Software as a Service (SaaS) model that makes use of three domestic and international datacenter locations for security. WebQA’s platform also can support cloud-based delivery and on-site delivery options. WebQA’s hosted systems easily integrate with, and look like, an existing organization’s website.

Organizations require only internet access to use WebQA’s systems. WebQA can easily integrate with other applications including sales support systems, financial systems and ERP systems.

WebQA tailors its subscription-based service and implementation fees to each customer based upon use. WebQA can offer both license-based pricing and unlimited user pricing on both the organization administrative side and customer portal side. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote.