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WebQA – Bridging Businesses and Customers.

Custom Servicing of Questions and Answers for Over 100 million People Worldwide.

Tailored Customer Service

With almost 70% of revenues coming from repeat business, today’s organizations demand tailored customer service solutions.
WebQA’s SaaS-based customer service platform enables companies worldwide to provide personalized, round-the-clock customer solutions.
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Custom Contact Center Software

WebQA’s fully customizable solutions enable contact centers to differentiate their offering and enhance their client’s customer service experience.
Technologies include multi-lingual portals, screen pops, scripting, chat, collaboration, social media integration, rule-based routing and more.
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Oracle CRM OnDemand

WebQA’s custom fields and forms, rule-based technologies and knowledge base engines marry easily to Oracle’s CRM OnDemand platform.
Organizations combine these technologies to provide premium customers with a customized service experience based upon subscription.

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