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Oracle CRM OnDemand.

WebQA OnDemand Services

WebQA and Oracle have extended their ongoing relationship to provide fully integrated multi-channel service solution add-on products to enhance Oracle CRM On Demand. WebQA OnDemand Services provide customers with extended online self-service capabilities, while helping to lower overall support costs. All WebQA offerings are completely hosted and delivered through a Software as Service (SaaS) model.  The WebQA OnDemand offering consists of three products:

Our OnDemand Portal is built to provide a full-featured portal into Oracle CRM On Demand.  All features of the portal come “out of the box” and are fully integrated with not only the standard Oracle CRM On Demand objects, but custom objects as well.  Acting as a logical front end extension into Oracle CRM On Demand, the portal consists of:

  • Dynamic Self – Service Knowledgebase
  • Service Request Creation and Management
  • Ongoing Communication Management Utilities
  • Entitlements Based on Accounts and Contacts
  • Fully Branded Portal to Match Corporate Website

Oracle OnDemand Service Portal

WebQA OnDemand Workflow expands upon the built in capabilities within Oracle CRM On Demand.  Using our graphical interface users can easily create and manage workflow rules to provide true Service Level Agreement (SLA) functionality with timed event abilities that can be based on working business days, hours or even minutes.  Workflow OnDemand can trigger the execution of notifications via email using templates, create activities or make direct updates to Oracle CRM On Demand data.
OnDemand Service Manager provides a way for Oracle CRM OnDemand clients to ensure they can service customers 24/7/365.  Using this service WebQA is able to replicate certain key elements of data from Oracle CRM OnDemand.  We will provide our WebQA back end administration tool which allows companies to continue to service and work service requests/tickets and then sync the updates to Oracle CRM OnDemand once it becomes available.
  • Improves customer service experience while lowering costs
  • Activates quickly and easily without development
  • Provides for Greater Call Deflection via Self-Service
  • Enhances Automation of Service Request Process
  • Provides access to Self Service Knowledgebase via web portal to a company’s customer so that they can research information themselves.  Thereby customers can get information quicker and easier and reduces the redundant calls and questions coming into the company.
  • Allows customers to submit, and manage service requests right from the self-service portal rather than calling into or emailing a company to create the service request.
  • Manages communications throughout service request life cycle.  This ability to communicate through email, notes, and other automated notifications provides effective communications and lowers overall service cost.

  • Fosters collaboration by providing customers with social media tools such as integrated forums and feedback.
  • Manages true Service Levels through workflow rules that uniquely provide for timed related escalation processes using business schedules in conjunction with account entitlements ensuring that service level agreements are met.

  • Exposes Oracle CRM On Demand Custom Objects via WebQA OnDemand portal. Support more advanced configurations via enhanced web self service.
    WebQA OnDemand Service embedded as applet in the CRM On Demand Web interface for the agent:

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