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Tailored Customer Service. Servicing over 100,000 businesses.

A Powerful Customer Service Solution

Several Global 1000 organizations and top universities in North America improve customer service efficiencies by using WebQA’s Saas-based platform to allow customers/employees/students to service themselves and to automate all internal service work.  WebQA’s platform streamlines requests for information and requests for action through a combination of workflow technologies, rules-based engines and case management operations.  Meanwhile, WebQA captures and reports all service interaction to give agents and managers a complete profile of any customer/employees/student at any time. WebQA’s multi-channel input can receive voicemail, email, text, phone, walk-in, and mobile inputs.

Automated Request For Service
WebQA’s workflow and rules-based engines capture incoming requests for action, deflect duplicate requests, and manage all new requests through the appropriate parties and steps to completion. The system has the capability of tailoring actions for different sets or types of individuals, operating in multiple languages through multiple timezones, and collecting input from multiple channels (voicemail, email, web, walk-in, text, etc.).

Because WebQA’s platform supports custom fields, custom workflow and custom rule sets, many organizations have the flexibility to construct custom systems.

Companies deploy WebQA’s technology for:

  • Customer/Student General Service
  • Tailored Customer Premium Service
  • IT Help Desk
  • Employee Intranet/Human Resources/Project Management
  • Custom Systems
Automated Request for Information
WebQA’s growing knowledgebase helps answer requests for information quickly.  The platform first displays top questions being asked and then allows searches for answers.  As questions are submitted, WebQA attempts to auto-answer them before assigning service priority, rules and workflows.  If a question can not be answered automatically, it is routed to the correct person for answering.  The answer is then sent to the person with the question and also added to the knowledgebase to be used in the future to auto-answer questions.
Payment Center
WebQA’s Payment Center provides a customer payment portal that enriches online payment experiences by offering bill payment history, electronic bill presentment, full payment selection and complete payment reporting.  The Payment Center can be used with any merchant processor payment portal.

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